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Dr. Tim Coleman and Brian Peters bring over 60 years of meteorological experience to the company.  When it comes to digging out weather information critical to your needs, Coleman and Peters have the experience and scientific knowledge to bring the best weather information to you.

Here is background information on them.

Dr. Timothy A. Coleman

Dr. Timothy A. Coleman received a degree in Physics and Mathematics from Samford University, and then an MS and PhD in Atmospheric Science from The University of Alabama in Huntsville.  He has done research on severe thunderstorms, non-thunderstorm damaging wind, tornadoes, atmospheric waves, radar meteorology, lightning, and hydrology.  Tim has published six peer-reviewed articles, including publications in the 138-year-old Monthly Weather ReviewWeather and Forecasting, and The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.  He has trained numerous National Weather Service and television meteorologists on the use of his research in forecasting and warning for severe weather and has given several invited presentations on the research, the most recent being at the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma.  Tim's research has been featured in several newspaper articles, and has appeared on television and radio news programs in several states.  Tim is also an adjunct assistant professor at UAH, teaching courses in Atmospheric Dynamics.  He is a member of the American Meteorological Society, and The Central Alabama Chapter of The National Weather Association.

Tim began working for the National Weather Service in 1991 as a student, and continued there, eventually as a professional meteorologist, until 2000.  Tim did on-air television weather at the CBS affiliate in Birmingham from 2001 through 2004, and since 2005 he has worked in meteorological research.  

Tim has performed meteorological consulting services involving a variety of cases, mainly as a researcher for attorneys or insurance adjusters.  He has done work in cases involving aircraft accidents, car accidents, fog, heavy rain, and wind damage, including hurricane-related work.  

Tim's diverse background in the National Weather Service, as a television meteorologist, and as a researcher and professor, make him unique in the consulting field.  Put Tim's credentials, his research abilities, and his communication skills to work in your case today, by calling (205) 568-4401.

Brian E. Peters

Brian E. Peters watched lightning as a child, so it was no surprise that when a hurricane affected him in 1960 he would choose to go into the field of meteorology.  Brian earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from Florida State University and then a Masters of Public Administration from Texas Christian University.

His weather career has encompassed a number of National Weather Service offices around the Southeast US including offices at Tampa, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Memphis, and Birmingham.  His last position with the National Weather Service was as the Warning Coordination Meteorologist working as the manager of the severe weather program for much of North and Central Alabama working closely with the emergency management community and improving severe weather safety awareness.

In 1995, Brian was chosen as one of 15 meteorologists from across the country to serve on the National Weather Service's Olympic Weather Support Team for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA.  His expertise in understanding and forecasting cold air damming played a key role in forecasts during the Games.  Brian also handled a number of special assignments within the National Weather Service including temporary assignment to Galveston for Hurricane Alicia and as a participant in the after-event survey of Hurricane Elena.  Brian's abilities in storm surveying also provided him an opportunity to serve on the Natural Disaster Survey team for the devastating Jarrell, Texas, tornado, one of the most destructive tornadoes ever.

Upon retiring from the National Weather Service in 2003, Brian joined the weather team at the ABC affiliate in Birmingham, AL, and worked for five years with James Spann as an on-air meteorologist.  One high point during his tenure there was the opportunity to fly through Hurricane Ivan with the Hurricane Hunters from Kessler Air Force Base and to report on Ivan's arrival on the Alabama Gulf coast.

Brian has also been working with attorneys and insurance companies on a variety of cases involving the interpretation and understanding of weather information.  He has gained invaluable experience with testimony in a number of cases.  In fact, Brian was once complimented by a judge who declared that even he understood the complexities of the weather as they were explained.

If you are looking for weather information for whatever your need may be, put the experience of Coleman and Peters, LLC, to work for you by filling out the contact form under Contacts or calling us at 205-568-4401.