Coleman & Peters, LLC
Meteorological Consulting Services

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Coleman and Peters, LLC, can provide solutions to almost any weather-related problems in your case.  Specifically, our services include the following:

  • Lightning.  We can provide reports on the precise time and location of lightning strikes, or the lack of lightning at a location (as the case may be), for past time periods.  These reports utilize data from the National Lightning Detection Network, as well as radar and satellite data.  Lightning data is often used in claims involving structural fires or damage to electronics, electrical appliances, and utility equipment.
  • Rainfall and Flooding.  We can provide reports on rainfall intensity in addition to accumulated rainfall for any location in the United States since 1995, for time intervals ranging from five minutes to five years.  By combining radar data with rainfall observations anywhere in the radar’s scanning area, we have the expertise to provide accurate rainfall amounts for any location, whether an actual rainfall measurement was taken nearby or not. 

In addition, using height and streamflow data from gauges along rivers and  streams, as well as measurements of past rainfall, flooding at a particular site can be


The above data is useful in many applications.  Rainfall intensity measurements, along with rainfall amounts, may be a factor in automobile and aircraft accidents.  Construction companies, outdoor entertainment interests, and agricultural customers may use hourly or daily rainfall statistics.  In flooding or flash flooding claims, high-resolution rainfall amounts are often critical.

  • Wind damage.  With access to Doppler radar reflectivity and velocity data, combined with satellite data and surface observations, we can help to verify the likelihood, or lack thereof, that winds of sufficient speed to produce given damage occurred at a location on a past date.  Not all wind damage is associated with tornadoes or severe thunderstorms, but almost all high winds are associated with a recognizable pattern in radar and surface data that we can analyze.  In addition, we have access to a database of storm reports received by the National Weather Service, as well as all tornado, severe thunderstorm, and high wind warnings issued.
  • Hail damage.  We have the expertise in the thermodynamics of severe thunderstorms to combine radar and satellite data, along with upper-air observations, to confirm or deny the likelihood of large hail at a specific location and time.  This analysis is particularly useful in insurance claims of hail damage to roofs, vehicles, and crops.
  • Temperature and humidity data.  We can provide reports of past temperatures, dew points, and humidities at a given location, at resolutions ranging from 1-minute, to daily highs and lows, to monthly averages.  Using an extensive database of high time-resolution observations at airports as well as numerous other observation networks, along with our analysis of atmospheric conditions, we can provide temperature and humidity data for almost any location in the United States.  

This data is useful in a variety of applications, including insurance claims involving burst water pipes, energy applications, agricultural damage, hypothermia and heat-related illnesses, fires related to water condensation, and many other applications.

  • Visibility.  Visibility may be impacted by a number of factors, including fog, smoke, haze, daylight, and even sun angle.  Satellite data, in combination with surface data and air quality information, may be used to produce reports on visibility.  Such data are particularly useful in automobile accidents, where a driver’s vision may be impaired by fog, smoke, darkness, or even by looking into the sun.  The visibility itself, along with the amount of daylight and the exact position of the sun in the sky at a given time, may be provided.
  • Observing Service.  If you have an event for which you purchase rain insurance, Coleman and Peters, LLC, can provide on site monitoring of rainfall that meets the requirements of all insurance companies.  While the main purpose of the observing service is to document and record rainfall properly, our firm goes beyond this basic service by providing forecast and radar monitoring to keep your event safe and informed about the potential impact of weather.
  • EMWIN.  Our strong background in operational weather forecasting and warning gives us a unique perspective on weather needs.  If you are an emergency manager or business with critical weather requirements, we can assist you with the installation and hardware to keep you informed.  There is a vast source of weather and warning information available to you and your business to keep you safe and informed at a fraction of the cost of many other commercial systems.
  • Other information – The impacts of the weather on many insurance claims and other litigation are numerous.  Low-level wind patterns may determine whether or not pollutants moved from one point to another.  The height of the cloud base may be involved in aircraft accidents.  The temperature, humidity, wind speed, and sun intensity may play a major role in cases involving hypothermia or heat-related illness.  The potential role of weather in litigation and insurance claims is large, and we at Coleman and Peters, LLC, have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help our clients find the accurate weather information they need.